Sending us out

Sending us out

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 8, Sunday July 31st

Left Memphis at 8:45 am and arrived at Frisco Bible Church at 6 pm... Yea!! Awesome trip..

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 7, Saturday 30th

Today was traveling from the hotel just north of Cincinnati to Memphis where we spent the night. Swimming in the indoor pool and pizza or chinese for dinner at La Quinta Inn. White Castle for lunch along with an eating competition.

People in the competition & number of burgers eaten:
Adam #18 WINNER and KING of the Castle
Rick #13 and a bite.. hahahahah
Jason #12 and then hurled (in the recycling bin no less) hahahahahah
Daniel #10
Noah #10
Miranda #10 and then hurled (However, she showed herself as good as any boy)
Andrew #7
Teresa #6 Loser, but still the brightest of the bunch :)

Anyway I think everyone is happy this competition only comes around once a year, and I heard Adam say he would never do it again. It was awesomeness.. hahahah
It did rain on us a couple of times on the way to Memphis and I think we had better enjoy it because I saw the weather for Dallas for the next 10 days, and Im already tearing up.

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Day 6, Friday 30th

Oh it did rain on us last night on the way to the hotel about another 14 miles north of kings island.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 5, Thursday 28th

I added a couple photos of us packing our lunches in the vehicles. Something we do everyday after breakfast and a photo of the girls dorms. Today we went to a ministry called Matthew 25. Matthew 25: Ministries is a humanitarian aid organization that helps more than 11 million people around the world each year and sends more than 10 million pounds of aid such as food, personal care items, medical supplies, and other products to the poorest of the poor. We work with corporations, organizations and individuals to provide much needed aid to the poor and fight against world poverty. In order to reach as many people as possible, Matthew 25: Ministries partners with non-profit organizations in the recipient location. This helps keep costs down. Through these relationships we ensure that donated goods are shipped to places with true need and distributed by people who are familiar with the area. Matthew 25: Ministries works with more than 20 organizations in the Greater Cincinnati area, groups throughout the United States including Appalachia and the American Indians, and in over 35 countries worldwide. This ministry gathers and sends donations of all different types all over the world including this country. They help the poorest of the poor. We got to see the behind the curtain look at how these charities provide goods needed to the poor. From the outside we only see the products already in the trucks, and sometimes the trucks being loaded. We then see them being delivered to people who need them and BAM there ya have it. Well there is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes than you realize. When we got the Matthew 25 then started us off with a little training tour to teach us what we would be working on and for today. Then they split us in two group. One group went outside with a large pallet of liquid body soap. The company that donated it did so because the pallet products were damaged. Our group opened up every box on the pallet and threw away the bad broken bottles and washed the good ones. Then they dried them and re packed them again for distribution. The 2nd group stayed inside the warehouse and we took boxes of clothes that had been donated and we had to count every single item and keep a record. They need to know how many pieces of clothing they are sending so they don't send too little to a place that needs them. After we counted them we sorted them between children's and adults, and then summer and winter clothing. After lunch we all came back together as a group and stuffed bags with different items in them for individual use. We all loved the work.
After praise and worship tonight we all hopped in the vehicles and went to an ice cream place called Graeters. Time to get rest though because we pack up and leave tomorrow morning and head for Kings Island.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 4, Wednesday 27th

First let me say that I apologize for not getting the video feeds on yesterdays blog and I wont have todays clips either until tomorrow. We have been so busy jumping from 1 time slot to another I haven't had time to pin Rick down to get the downloads. Every time you log in to read the new blog please go to the one before and see if the videos are there yet. I promise you will love seeing your kids in action.
Today we went back over the state line to Kentucky and worked with a program over there called "Masters Provisions". Its really quite awesome. Think of Frisco Resale where people donate clothing to be sold for pennies. The money goes to help pay bills for the needy of Frisco and also the low cost clothing helps those with little to no income. Now think of Frisco resale not selling any of those clothes and instead shipping them off in huge crates to cloth people in 3rd world countries. Well thats what "Masters Provisions" does. Today when we got there they split us into two groups. One group of kids who can handle tough, dirty, heavy lifting, and one group of kids who could sort clothes by summer, and winter wear. The kids who did the heavy lifting lifted huge 100 pound or more bags stuffed full of clothes and either pulled them off 1 truck to be sorted or delivered to another warehouse, or they were loading them on a truck that was bound for Honduras. They were sweaty, stinky, dirty, and exhausted by the time the day was over but they loved every bit of it. The 2nd group who did the sorting took bags the same size as the first group, and some bags smaller, and sorted them between, summer, winter, and clothes that were trash. Very tedious work this was and then we had to take all the sorted clothes and pack them into the bags filling them as tightly as possible to be loaded on trucks at another point. The winter clothes were headed for Kosovo, and the summer clothes were headed for Ghana. After we got back we showered, ate dinner, and headed for Praise and worship. During this time they called all the kids to the front who had birthdays this week so Noah, and McKayla went on stage and they were made to sing Happy Birthday to themselves. It was very funny. Then they had a singing competition with 4 sets of singers, and Eryn was picked to represent the gray group. They had them sing christmas songs for only seconds at a time and they weren't able to repeat a song that had already been sung. Eryn came in 2nd, which was awesome since the game was kinda hard. After Sermon time we went to the "Purple People Eater" bridge. Everyone see's purple on this bridge but I must be blind because all I saw was steel gray. Maybe Im to old to see purple anymore. We had our devotion time with Kris up there and many people passed us while we were gathered in a group. I don't know what Gods plan for what happened next is but Im sure it will be awesome. A father and son about maybe 14-15 years old were walking by and they saw us all standing around listening to Kris speak. They must have wondered what was going on because the father walked a little ways up and the son stopped next to Noah and just listened for a minute or two. Then he leaned in to Noah and asked what was going on. I didn't hear what Noah was telling the young man but after a few minutes of Noah talking to him he walked back to his father and said "Its a mission trip".


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesdays Group Picture Taken After Work

Day 3 Tuesday 26th

Today is our first work day. We ate breakfast and traveled to our job site and arrived there at 9 am sharp. Our job for the day was to help the city of Cincinnati Parks Department to renovate a tract of land they are turning into a hikers path. Its very steep and hilly so it required all muscles just to climb to the point they needed us to begin work and muscles to stay straight and not go tumbling down the hill. For the youth this was a piece of cake since they are all in great shape. For me I last about 20 minutes and then I had to descend and take a break. In 1950 this piece of land was bought by the city with plans to build the highway through it. They tore down houses and cleared people out. Unfortunately the land sat, and sat, and their plans fell by the wayside. The area slowly developed into a dumping ground. The city decided to preserve a portion of it as a preserve walk for hikers. So part of our jobs was to climb to the point that other groups had left off and continue the job by laying in large pieces of wood to be used for steps, clearing vine hanging from trees that are choking them, and uprooting some of them as well. I can honestly say this was hard work but most of the kids disagreed and wished that it had been more difficult. Before we left for the day the Parks guy who was in charge had our kids fix a few things that another group had been working on. That group either didn't do it right or did it sloppily and he saw our kids work and knew they could fix it right. Yea for our kids. They all made an impression. We had sack lunches at a nearby park called Mt. Airy Forrest Park. In it a very large tree house that was easily accessible from the ground made specifically for handicapped and wheel chair bound kids was where we ate lunch. At 3 pm our job was done for the day so we headed back to the dorms and all took showers before dinner. After dinner and Praise and Worship, and a dance contest, we all got in the trucks and were taken back to CCU where our kids have spent the past 4 years involved in missionary work. From there we saw the entire Cincinnati skyline and Kris led us in devotions. Everyone is exhausted. Sweet Dreams!! I will add video clips to this blog tomorrow afternoon.